July 13, 2020 /

Dundurn Castle Engagement

Photographer capturing love in Hamilton Ontario at Dundurn Castle

“Well, please let me set the stage. My fiancé and I have been together for almost 5 years. Michael and I connected immediately, we met ‘online’ (my last attempt before giving up on dating forever) and then met in person to play pool.”

“We connected over music, food, travel and everything always just felt comfortable. Shortly after, we moved from Niagara to Toronto together and thrived – we had great jobs and were livin’ life. Fast forward 3 years to September 2019, we moved back to my parents’ house in Niagara to save up for a home of our own. In November 2019, at the fittest and liveliest I’ve ever be, I suffered a seizure and sudden cardiac arrest while kickboxing and Michael’s life flipped upside down. For me, I was in a coma for 2 and a half days and had no idea what happened. For Michael, there was a possibility that I would just be gone or severely disabled because of how long my heart was stopped. He had to endure a 48+ hour wait for the outcome, with my family optimistically harassing him with “so, are you going to put a ring on it now?”.

Unbeknownst to ANYONE, Michael had already started the process of getting my ring made before this happened. Throughout my entire recovery, Michael was by my side answering my questions and taking care of my needs. He would surprise me, sometimes early in the morning, with breakfast. He drove me around since I had my license revoked for 6 months. One early morning on March 25, I felt Michael trying to wake me. This morning, I thought “Damnit, MF! Let me sleep in today, I don’t feel like eating this early”, as I pushed him away. He persisted and when I turned over, he had the ring presented to me. Of course, I said ‘yes’.

We had already gone through the ‘in sickness and health’ to a great degree and his love and support never wavered. I didn’t doubt this was the man that would continue to care for me and make me happy.”

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